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Abortion is Murder?
Abortion is Murder?

LIFE does NOT begin at conception.

Nov. 2, 2023

By: Dan Silverthorne

Abortion is Murder? Abortion is Murder?
Abortion is Murder?


The human egg is made up of ONE LIVING cell and 23 chromosomes. The human sperm cell is made up of ONE LIVING cell and 23 chromosomes. When the LIVING egg and LIVING sperm cell unite they create a LIVING TWO CELL, 46 chromosome Zygote. The LIVING Zygote divides many times until a LIVING embryo is formed, which grows into a LIVING fetus and then a LIVING baby.

The egg and the sperm were LIFE before they entered the womb.

LIFE CONTINUES at conception – it does not BEGIN at conception. LIFE created the zygote.

In addition, a singular living cell, a zygote, and embryo are NOT sentient. Sentience requires consciousness and advanced cognitive capacities beyond automatic or reflexive responses. The twitching of a dead frog's leg when prodded with a pin is an example of a non-sentient, automatic response. A twelve week old, pre-viable fetus sucking its thumb is another.

A heartbeat is not equal to sentience. A body on life support with no brain activity underscores the point that a heartbeat alone doesn't define life. Most hospitals are not required to keep brain dead patients alive. Catholic Church condones discontinuing life support when it proves futile or excessively burdensome.

A two cell zygote is NOT a baby. A multi-cell embryo is NOT a baby. A pre-sentient FETUS is NOT a baby. Life does NOT begin at conception – it CONTINUES at conception.

Abortion is Murder?

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