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Abortion is Murder?
Abortion is Murder?


November 18, 2023

By: Dan Silverthorne

Abortion is Murder? Abortion is Murder?
Abortion is Murder?
Abortion is Murder?

A woman's egg and male sperm are both made of living cells. Their fusion results in the formation of a zygote which is acknowledged as pre-sentient life. Within Christian perspectives, the belief is held that human "life" commences at conception, which is when the zygote forms. This raises the philosophical question: what came first, the chicken or the egg when considering both egg and sperm were living cells before conception.

Sentience is defined as the ability to perceive and undergo sensations like consciousness and emotions. Sentience requires advanced cognitive capacities beyond automatic or reflexive responses. The reflexive twitching of a deceased frog's leg when prodded with a pin is an excellent example of an automatic response. A pre-sentient, pre-viable fetus sucking on its thumb is another.

Medical and Biological Science typically regarded fetus viability at 24 weeks and older. The consensus is that sentience cannot occur if there is underdeveloped neural pathways and/or insufficient brain maturation. Moreover, premature births before this threshold face considerable challenges, often necessitating extensive medical interventions. Those that do survive live with lifelong impairments and dependencies, and few, if any, have achieved self-sufficiency.

True sentience or viability, is contingent on consciousness. Merely sustaining physiological functions, such as a heartbeat, doesn't equate to sentience. Instances where life support maintains bodily functions in the absence of brain activity underscore the point that a heartbeat alone doesn't define life. Hospitals are generally not required by law to keep patients declared brain dead alive. Even the Catholic Church endorses choices to discontinue or refrain from initiating life support treatment when such treatment would prove futile or excessively burdensome.

Opponents of abortion who assert that labeling a fetus as an "unborn baby" before attaining sentience and viability often ground their viewpoint in selectively chosen Bible verses, taken out of context from their original historical and cultural settings. They argue that the act of terminating pregnancies, whether done electively before viability or as a medical necessity after 24 weeks due to severe complications, equates to committing murder. However, it is noteworthy that the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, remains silent on the topic of abortion. Additionally, historical evidence indicates the prevalent use of Abortifacients in the Levant, Anatolian and Mesopotamian city-states before, during, and after the periods when the biblical texts were written.

Therefore, neither aborting a non-sentient fetus nor withdrawing life support for a brain-dead individual sustained by life-support machines in a hospital are morally or legally equivalent to committing murder. Doctor advised medically necessity abortions after 24 weeks are best left with the families forced to make such an agonizing decision.


Abortion is Murder?

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